Ok folks I said I would post this last Saturday but I was busy so I posted it today.
{hope you don't mind.}
Anyway, here they are.
The toys on the left can squeak, the really likes these. She also likes rope, so the top right is her with one of her rope toys. The red toy is a KONG. You can stuff treats or food inside.
This is how I fill her KONG, I like to put some of her regular food inside with just a few treats.
She knows when I start to fill her KONG, look at her in the bottom right!! So cute!!
All of these toys you can mostly get anywhere!
Here are some of the things you need before you get a dog/puppy.
1. Food
2. Bed or place to sleep
3. Collar
4. Leash
5. Food and water bowls
6. Crate or kennel
7. ID tags
8. Treats
9. Toys
10. Brush or comb
I am so excited to get my puppy! I'll be sure to post some pictures when I get her. :)
Thanks for reading!