Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while! We have been really busy moving in to our new house in Missouri!!!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Improve Your Writing

This school year, in my language arts program, I learned some amazing tips for dressing up my writing. Here are some of my favorites.
1. "ly" adverb
2. Who or which clause
3. Strong verb that has image or feeling
4. Because clause 
5. Quality adjective
6. Adverbial clause
Here are some examples of this...
Without 'ly" adverb: The boy did his chores.
 "ly" adverb added: The boy diligently did his chores.
Without who or which clause: The boy was a big help.
   Who or which clause: The boy who was small, was a big help.
Without strong verb: The boy worked in the yard.
 Strong verb added: The boy labored in the yard.
Without because clause: The boy played.
Because clause added: Because the boy did his chores, he could go play.
Without quality adjective: The elephant ripped up a tree.
Quality adjective added: The massive elephant ripped up a tree.
Without adverbial clause: I can eat dessert.
Adverbial clause added: If I eat all my dinner, I can eat dessert.
Please comment and tell me if you have any tips for writing!
Hope you enjoy this!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How To Make a Message In a Clothes Pin

 Here is a great, quick and easy, craft, message in a cloths pin. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did!!! :)

Paper, Pens/and or, sharpie, Clothes pin, scissors, glue stick

Begin by cutting a small piece of paper to fit on the front of the pin. if you need the measurements, it's 1 eighth of an inch long, and half a inch wide. (you might need to trim it a bit, to make sure it's not showing on the top) Then, draw or write anything you want on the front.

Cut the paper precisely in half, and glue it to the front of the pin.

Then cut about two inches long of paper, or enough to bend completely over the top of the pin on both sides, and be bent in the middle. :P (same with as other paper) and fold it in half, than fold the sides down.

fold, as shown, in the picture above. Do NOT glue it on yet.

Write/draw whatever you please, THAN (make sure it is folded correctly) glue it on.

I hope the instructions were clear enough!!!
Let me know if you tried it, we'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How To Put Together A Cute Outfit


Hi Everybody, this is the outfit I wore on Sunday.
I like to wear knee length skirts when its hot, along with lighter colored clothes, I think it looks more "springish".

 Where I got everything:

Shirt: Old Navy
Vest: Target
Skirt: Mini Boden
Shoes: Old Navy 

Please comment and tell us if you would like more outfit posts!!!
Hope you like it!

Love, Emily S.