Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Improve Your Writing

This school year, in my language arts program, I learned some amazing tips for dressing up my writing. Here are some of my favorites.
1. "ly" adverb
2. Who or which clause
3. Strong verb that has image or feeling
4. Because clause 
5. Quality adjective
6. Adverbial clause
Here are some examples of this...
Without 'ly" adverb: The boy did his chores.
 "ly" adverb added: The boy diligently did his chores.
Without who or which clause: The boy was a big help.
   Who or which clause: The boy who was small, was a big help.
Without strong verb: The boy worked in the yard.
 Strong verb added: The boy labored in the yard.
Without because clause: The boy played.
Because clause added: Because the boy did his chores, he could go play.
Without quality adjective: The elephant ripped up a tree.
Quality adjective added: The massive elephant ripped up a tree.
Without adverbial clause: I can eat dessert.
Adverbial clause added: If I eat all my dinner, I can eat dessert.
Please comment and tell me if you have any tips for writing!
Hope you enjoy this!


  1. I love writing and I've found these tips very useful over the years. Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Emily