Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Make String Hearts

 These hearts are easy to make and are great decorations for Valentines day or other holidays or every day!
What you need:
Wood {Preferably sanded}
Printed or drawn pattern
Wood stain or finish {optional} I did not use the stain or finish.
 First you lay your pattern on your wood and start hammering your nails around the edges.

 When you are done hammering your nails around the edges take off your pattern.
 Now you tie your string on the point of your heart and make sure you leave a tail.
Then you start crossing  your string form nail to nail making a criss-cross pattern.

 Once every nail has been hooked you start going around the edges looping three or four nails at a time.
 When all the edges have been covered you can keep going around until you like it.
 Now go to the bottom point of the heart and cut and tie the ends
 Cut the tied ends still leaving the knot.

Hope you like it!

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