Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Daily Devotions

Hi everyone, I decided to do a post about what I do for my devotions every morning!

When I get up I pray. For a post about prayer click here.

Next I read the Bible, I usually read the Proverb of the day and something in one of the Gospels.

Then I do my memorization. My mom made us verse boxes a for all the verses we have memorized.
In Daily I have the verses I am still working on and need to do every day.
Odd/Even I put verses that I am still working on but getting better at.
Week Days I have the verses that I only need to do once every week.
Month days I have the ones that I am done with.
Each day, I review all the verses from the sections that go with the day. For example, today I did all the verses Daily section, Odd, Thursday and 5th.
For my box I used a recipe box that my mom got at Target.

Hope you like it!!

You can also see this post on the Encouragement page.

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