Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How To Make Cinder Block Benches

Go to the Crafts and Projects tab or the Outside tab
 to find out how to make these easy benches.

 My family and I made these benches for our patio. It was really fun because all my siblings could help even my four year old brother! :)
4x4 wood
Wood stain
Sandpaper or a electrical sander.{optional}
Cinder blocks {full size and half size is what we used.}
First take your 4x4s and cut {if needed} them to the length you need them.
Now sand your wood.
Dust the wood off we used a paint brush.

Now for the fun part! Get out your brushes and paint away! ;)
You might have to do two coats of paint depending on what you use.
When your wood is dry place your cinder blocks and slid your wood inside the holes.

 All done! I hope you like this protect!

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