Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bible Studying by Em


I am doing some things for my Bible study these days and wanted to share them with you!

This is a sheet I made that goes in my Bible case, it has just a few things that I like to highlight or write down when I read. It has my highlighting code, cool questions to ask and some other things that I use. {click to enlarge}

Here is a passage I read the other day, Mark 1. In verse two there is a reference to a passage in Isaiah. So, I highlighted both of verses and put the cross reference in the margin (in orange, because that's my cross reference color)

I got all these ideas from this really GREAT booklet : Brighten Your Bible Study.

So there are my ideas for studying. What are some things you do?
Hope you are inspired ;)

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    It!;) I like the new change you did to your blog!;)