Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Challenge for YOU!

Hey Everybody! Here is a challenge for you!
Photo a day challenge in August! My goal is to do this every month of the year until I get back to the 10th of August.{that's when I started.} Please join me, I will post all the pics at the end of the month but for now here are the ones I already did:
 Day 10: Flower
 Day 11: Logo {Fender, on my guitar.}
 Day 12: Supplies{tent in background}
 Day 13: Bright
 Day 14: Goals
 Day 15: Arrow
Day 16: Simple 
Day 17: A is for... Adorable ;)

Hope you decide to take this challenge with me! Comment and tell me what you think!!!
Emily S.


  1. I'm totally doing this with you EMILY!;) I'll email you the pics I get!

    1. Thanks!! Cant wait to see what you do!!
      ~ Emily