Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How To Make Food Hearts

Here is some really good ideas to make for your family or friends on any special occasion, particularly Valentines Day! Tastes good too!!! :)

Cut a small slanted piece off of both cherry tomatoes. put the pieces together! Very easy and fun to make! Optional: toothpicks 

What you Need: 2 rubber bandsPencil, or straight stick, small paper that can fold around the egg tightly, 1 egg.
Boil the egg, leave the egg sitting with the paper and stick on, for 10 minutes or more, etc.... 

Cut an arrow shape on top of the carrot, shape your carrot as a heart should be shaped (pretty self explanatory) Cook the carrot, plain or, with what ever pleased, and enjoy!!!


  1. Hey Michele! They look awesome! I'll have to try them out. Love you!

    Love, Leanna

    1. Hey Leanna, I'm glad you liked the idea!!!
      Love and miss...


  2. How sweet!! I could actually do that!