Thursday, March 31, 2016

Decorating ideas

Hi Everyone!
It's always so much fun to throw a party for a relitive, family member or friend, and decorating really shows how much you care! So here is some creative, simple, and fast ideas to decorating your house for a party:
This one is a birthday party we threw for my Aunt:

You'll see this some more :)

We do this for almost every party at our house.

the cake!!! :P

This is another birthday party we did for my cousin:

Recognize this?

And this is a baby shower we did for my sister Melissa ( :

 look familiar  ?

And of corse...the cake. :)

Hope you like these ideas!


  1. That's awesome, Michele! :D Who's birthday was it? It looks a LOT like Melissa's baby shower! :)

    1. Thanks Leanna! It was Anna Sofia's birthday (Gabriel's sister). :)

    2. You're welcome! :) Oh okay. :D Did you read my letter? ;)

    3. Good. :) I expect a reply on Sunday... ;)