Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How To Make a Paracord Braclet

These paracord bracelets are easy to make and most paracord can hold over 400 pounds!!
My wrist is 6 inches around, so I will need 6 feet of paracord to make my bracelet. Make sure when you measure your wrist to wrap the paracord loosely around.
First, measure your paracord and fold in half.
Then you put the loop side through a buckle and pull the rest of the cord through.
Then you and the next clip 6 inches out. 

Repeat 1-4 alternating sides until you have reached the end!
You might have a couple inches left when you have reached the end so you can  cut the paracord and melt the ends with a lighter if you don't want the paracord to start unraveling.  
Be careful not to burn yourself with the lighter or hot paracord!!


  1. Hey Michele and Emily!! I love your blog, reminds of Madyson and Anne's blog. ;)

  2. Thanks Hanna!!! I'm glad you like it!