Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How To Make Marble Paper

This craft is a great way to make cute cards, bookmarks and more!
 You will need a container of water in a dish. a 9x13 cooking dish would work
small paint brushes
paper towels {optional}
acrylic paint mixed with water
 All you have to do is dip your brushes in the paint water and lightly touch the brush to the surface of the water in your dish. The stiller the water in the dish the better. 
Keep dipping the brushes back and forth switching colors. You can do multiple colors or just two. It  will rings in your water that will kind of swirl. Keep going till you like it and then.....
 Just dip your paper in the water in the dish and hold it there for a few seconds. Then lift up, let dry and make into whatever you want!
 Here is one piece of marbled paper we made. 
My little sis was doing the marbling as i took pics!

Ask me if you have any Questions!
Hope you like this craft as much as I did!
There is special paint to use if you are interested. We were watching some YouTube videos and some pieces are super amazing!

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  1. Oh my gosh Emily! This us such a great idea, I love it. For sure trying this.